Tips on Ensuring Safety When Shopping Online

Most shops have now gone online, and this means that there is an increasing number of people shopping online. It is a fast and convenient method, and more people are finding themselves spending time on their computer screens looking for items to buy. Internet security, especially when it comes to online shopping, is, therefore, an important consideration.

How to Ensure Online Security When Shopping

  • Check for https and the security ‘padlock’ :

You do not have to know technological terms for you to identify a safe site. Be on the look out for the ‘s’ at the end of ‘http’. The ‘s’ mean that the site is secure, and the transactions within the website are safe. A website that does not have the extra s is not safe, so you should never transact with them. Another sign that the website is safe is the small padlock that appears before the URL. A small unbroken key is also an indication that you are dealing with a safe site.

  • Go to reliable sites:

It is safer to shop on websites that have a good reputation. If you are trying out a website for the first time, and you have never heard of it, you should do a lot of research before making a transaction. Read reviews and go through their terms and conditions so that you know what they stand for. It is always advisable to shop from the big online retailers, and if you are trying out a new shop, ensure that they have good reviews and safety signs.

  • Use phone to pay:

There are many ways that people who are shopping online can use to make a payment without reaching for their cards. Apps such as Google pay, Facebook and Apply pay are now an acceptable way to make payment. Using your phone will make it less likely for scammers to access your details.

  • Try virtual credit cards:

If you do not have access to payment using phones, you can try virtual credit cards. It works by blocking out your real credit card number so that intruders cannot access it. To get a virtual credit card, you should reach out to your bank and inquire if they have the provision of a virtual credit card. If you are going to use your real credit card, you should ensure that you have set a small limit so that you do not risk losing a lot of money if your account is compromised. Another option is using temporary credit cards that have a shorter expiry date.

  • Have dedicated computer and email for online shopping:

It is easy to monitor your activities when you have a network or email that is specifically dedicated to online shopping. This means that you will quickly notice in case of fraudulent activity. It is also easier to maintain security measures such as installing an antivirus if you have a dedicated computer for your online shopping needs.

  • Use mobile apps:

Most major retail shops have an app that can be used to access their sites. It is safer to use an app because they are less prone to being attacked by malicious people compared to websites. Before you download any shopping app, make sure that you have thoroughly read the reviews and see how other users rate the app. A legit site will most likely have many downloads and reviews.

Online shopping requires you to be extra vigilant and put all the security measures in place to avoid the stress that comes from being attacked by scammers. Before you click on the button that allows a transaction, you should be sure that you are guaranteed safety.